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Emily Willis - Naive Step Sister | 1080p

Codey Steele and Emily Willis are stepsiblings who get along great. Codey has the hots for his stepsister, though, so he comes up with a plan to put into action. He asks Emily to help him make a sandwich since he's left handed and has a right-handed knife. Emily bounces into the kitchen with her tits and ass hanging out of her skimpy clothes and makes the sandwich while Codey jerks it behind the counter. When that got him a peek at the goods, he devised a plan to get even more.Later, Codey throws some clothes in with Emily's laundry and then asks her to help him sort through the clothes on the dryer. When she leans forward to find what he's looking for, Codey flips up her miniskirt and shoves his dick inside. She mentions that she feels something poking her, but Codey convinces her it's his cell phone. Emily keeps searching as Codey bangs her from behind until he explodes inside! With her stepbrother's cum dripping down her legs, Emily turns around with confusion. Codey convinces her that it's probably soap, and Emily buys it.Still later, Emily is doing yoga but her leggings have split from behind to create an enticing view of her ass. Codey is once again turned on, but instead of sneaking around this time he offers to fix Emily's pants. He even warns her that he may accidentally finger her, but she insists that she needs to help her out. Codey is quick to take advantage by sliding his fingers into her sleek snatch. Now that Emily knows what's happening, she can enjoy having her stepbrother fuck her from behind. Turning around to ride him makes the split bigger, so she peels off her pants and goes to town until she explodes. Laying down between Codey's thighs, Emily happily sucks her stepbrother's hardon until he gives her a shot of cum in her mouth. Only then does Emily admit that she knew Codey was fucking her in the laundry room but that she didn't want to admit she liked it.

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Emily Willis - Naive Step Sister | 1080p

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