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Yasmine spanking - wait for step father home | 1080p

After Yasmine and her mother got into a fight, Yasmine angrily kicked down her bedroom door and broke it off its hinges. Her mother had given her a proper hairbrushing after the incident, but promised that once her strict step father, Kyle, was home that she would really be in for it. When her step father arrives, he wastes no time retrieving the family strap off the wall for a good strapping. He walks in her bedroom to find Yasmine sassily sitting on her bed, hugging her stuff animal, acting like it wasn't a big deal. Kyle has had enough of her attitude and gives her a jar of coconut oil to rub on her bare bottom before her strapping. Yasmine gets a painful reminder and an embarrassing lesson from her step father that tantrums are never okay

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Yasmine spanking - wait for step father home | 1080p

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