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Belle Delphine 2022 - Dominant Roleplay Premium | 1442p

The follow-up to her previous PPV video except this time Belle is the dominant one and this one has a lot more of the still image comic book style story telling which I personally like but still wish there was more actual video in this. It begins with Belle watching her gardener out the window when she decides she should torment him, she calls him to come in for some tea which quickly results in him kneeling on the floor while she teases him but forces him to look at the floor not her, he obviously fails this and ends up getting spanked. This is all in the still image story format and goes on for a bit longer until he eventually is made to hold a dildo in his mouth so Belle can fuck herself with it, this is mostly shot in a closeup pretending to be his view sort of way with Belle riding the dildo and also doing a little anal fingering. The final part of the scene is a close up of Belles face while she is riding the dildo with some final story points shown on the screen as text bubbles.

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Belle Delphine 2022 - Dominant Roleplay Premium | 1442p

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