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Tori Easton, Natasha Nice - Transsexual Double Booked | 1080p

Tori Easton is parked outside of a cottage where she hopes to spend a romantic weekend with her girlfriend. But to her dismay, even though she's arrived, her girlfriend is nowhere to be found. That's when Tori decides that she's tired of her girlfriend always bailing on her, finally ending things between them. But since Tori's already at the cottage and has it booked, she steps out of the car, picks up the key under the doormat, and lets herself inside. Meanwhile, inside the same cottage, Natasha Nice is busy working on her latest lesbian romance novel. But she's having a hard time writing an erotic scene. Needing a break, and seeking inspiration, she breaks out her favorite toy to have a little alone time... only to be interrupted by Tori as she comes in through the door! They're both embarrassed and confused, but soon realize that the place has been double booked. When Tori reveals that this was SUPPOSED to be a romantic weekend for her and her girlfriend before they broke up, Natasha is sympathetic and invites her in. Although things are awkward at first, they both start bonding as Tori shares a bit about her recent breakup and Natasha shares a bit about her current novel. Slowly and surely, as the night goes on, they open up more and more. They also gradually inch closer and closer, locking eyes and stealing chances to lightly touch each other. Finally, there's no turning back once they realize that all they want right then and there is to live in the moment with each other. What starts as a sweet, exploratory kiss, soon gives way to a whirlwind weekend getaway that neither of them will ever forget for years to come

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Tori Easton, Natasha Nice - Transsexual Double Booked | 1080p

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